Who stole a Rossignol?

It's midnight, everything is calm in the little village of Saulgé. Only the moon lights up the streets. All of a sudden, a noise can be heard near the Montmorillon Ecomuseum. A window's been smashed and someone's been seen running away with a big object under their arm…

Early the next morning, everyone's panicking! A magnificent educational poster printed by Editions Rossignol publishing house, the famous local printer, has disappeared! 

The museum teams are counting on you to investigate and track down the perpetrator… Young and old alike, assisted by the mascot Léon, will weave their way through the premises - where local history is showcased - looking for precious clues.

Everyone in the family will be involved: your sense of observation and insight will help you solve the investigation! 

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This activity is one of the Family experiences scheme! Discover the 17 activities to share with your tribe during your stay in Vienne. Loads of laughter, moments of pure delight and of being together await you.

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Eco-musée du Montmorillonnais

Site de Juillé

86500 Saulgé



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