What incredible stained glass…

I'm over the moon! Dad took me to have some great fun today. We went to a big church with windows that had loads of colours. I looked at them for a long time because the sun's light was shining through them and it created rainbows on the ground.

Afterwards, a lady said that dad and I could make colourful patterns too. She told me it was called "stained glass" and here in Curzay-sur-Vonne it was one of the only places in France to present this art. Apparently it's really old and, back in the days, it was really well-known. 

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I decided to make a horse because it's my favourite animal. The lady gave me bits of glass with many different colours! A bit of blue... green... oh, and of course pink too. I love pink, and I wanted a pink horse! Dad helped me because I forgot to give my horse ears.

When I'd finished sticking my bits of glass, I wanted to go back to the church to see the stained glass in the windows again. I really enjoyed the day and I even asked dad to buy me a book to learn more. When we were leaving, the lady gave me our pink horse and dad said to me: 

"It's brilliant darling, let's hang it up in your bedroom! And are you going to give your foal a name? 

- Yes, he's going to be called… Spirit!" 

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