The secrets of leatherworking

When we talk about the Cité des Tanneurs (Tanners' District) in Boivre-la-Vallée, as parents, we wonder if "Showing traditional leatherworking will appeal to children? Will it be interesting for them?" 

We could tell you that visiting this workshop falls way down the list of activities we imagine for a family outing. Besides, working on animal hides, and thinking about the conditions of the animals and the techniques of the days, well, it's not very motivating. But, we'd be lying to you! 

True, because the Cité des Tanneurs (Tanners' District) invites you on an authentic journey into the past and forward again to the present of a region to discover industrial and artisanal leatherworking expertise. Including state-of-the-art techniques and work on vegetable leather, via the "Kiddi Cuir" (Kiddi Leather) experience. Intriguing, don't you think? 

Cité des tanneurs

The first part takes children and parents to the heart of the leather house, with its permanent exhibition on the history of tanneries in Lavausseau, the different tanning methods used in the past and today, and the uses of leather through time. A sensorial quiz invites visitors to recognize different animal hides, to discover different types of leather and their characteristics. 

The second part presents manual activity to be enjoyed by all the family where you can create your own bespoke key ring with your initials and your choice of pattern, made of vegetable leather. A little souvenir to take home with you and which is sure to delight children and parents alike.  

Still not convinced? Well, why don't you come along and try out the experience yourself to make up your own mind? 

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cité des tanneurs

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