The 6 Golden Calves treasure

"Backpacks ready, snacks too…" 

It's going to be a brilliant afternoon! I love choosing creative activities for the kids, as they really help them grow up. This time round, I decided to take them to the Archaeology Museum in Civaux. A friend told me about a new treasure hunt where everyone really gets involved. It intrigued me and I know that the kids love this kind of thing. 

Musée de civaux

When you arrive, you're welcomed perfectly. The kids were really excited: the hunt could begin. We were equipped with our roadmaps to head off on a really fun-filled tour of the museum. Every riddle and clue includes an extra activity: a drawing, clay creations, painting. 

It's brilliant to watch the kids laughing and having fun. Amandine was working the clay with such passion! As for Maxime, he created a Dragon-Phoenix that could have come straight out of the fantasy tales of the Middle Ages. And me… well, I enjoyed drawing a unicorn with a flamboyant mane. Now, the kids really want to adopt one…  

I really believe that my little darlings adored this treasure hunt, they shouted out with glee when they found the treasure!  

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trésor des 6 veaux d'or

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Musée préhistorique de Civaux

30 place de Gomelange

86320 Civaux



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