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Lancer un défi à ses enfants pour les sortir de leur chambre ? Cette maman l’a fait ! Suivons-là au VéloRail de Chauvigny où l’activité plaît aux jeunes comme aux grands.

It's a wonderful sunny day today! I'm going to do my best to get my two teenagers out and about as they've been spending every day of their holidays playing video games. I've had enough of hearing them grumble about who's the best in the race. So, I'm going to propose a real competition to them!  

« Ca vous dit aujourd’hui de prendre un peu l’air tout en faisant du sport ? Ça vous changera des jeux vidéo. » 

VéloRail de Chauvigny

So, we headed to Chauvigny to do a 17 km trip on-board a jigger on the old railway track. 

For the competition, we put the kids against the parents. We started off first and gave the kids a bit of leeway and if they don't manage to catch up with us by the time we reach the end of the circuit, well they'll have to do the dishes for a week! And bumper-car-style is out of order and gets a red card! 

On your marks, get set, let's go! We crossed through woods, dry valleys, over bridges and walkways deep in the heart of the Bocage Chauvinois. 


My husband and I had a great time, it reminded us of when we were young. From time to time we saw the boys speeding to catch up with us, but we left them far behind! After all, we've got more experience than them. Even when they hassled us by shouting.

The railway crossings slowed us down because we had to move the barriers ourselves. But for the sake of the competition, we did it quickly so that the boys couldn't catch up with us 

At last, we reached the u-turn point! The boys told us they found it hard at the beginning to keep up with us because they were doing their own competition to see who could pedal the fastest… even though they were on the same jigger! Then they got tired because it's all uphill you know! They're always out to challenge each other… But, in the end they managed to catch up with us really quickly. They've so much energy.

VéloRail de Chauvigny
VéloRail de Chauvigny

Now it was time to head back from where we'd come. The return trip was calmer, easier, downhill and pretty fast, hair flying in the wind! When we were cycling over the River Vienne, we were able to take in the incredible panorama over the medieval district and the surrounding countryside. The view was just so amazing!

 "It was exactly like Mario Kart® Mum!"

A real two-hour breath of fresh air right in the heart of nature. A great family-shared moment that our teenagers approve! 

VéloRail de Chauvigny
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