On a quest for the white diamond break

I've always dreamt of being an adventurer! Heading off to find a treasure, avoiding traps, climbing up to the top of trees and walking across suspended bridges, I want to do it all for real. 

And, you know what, just last week, mum and dad told me about clues to be solved at Défiplanet’ Park. And they said we could go and spend the day there, I was really impatient! 

That morning, when we arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was massive, it had a gigantic forest, horses, a swimming pool, big houses in the shape of snails and rabbits, and cabins in the trees! Wahoo, it was the first time I'd seen one for real, all in wood, and there was even a suspended bridge to reach it. That night, we were actually going to sleep in it, I couldn't wait, and I was going to have my own little bed.

défiplanet enquete du diamant blanc

So, we got rid of our luggage, and I was ready for the treasure hunt! The Farfadets clan, you know, little sprites and leprechauns, was attacked by the nasty Trolls, and a white diamond had disappeared. We had to find it because the planet was in danger! Let's go... with our map in hand we headed off to look for it, with the help of Guntar and the forest sprites and leprechauns. After completing several physical and mental challenges, we managed to save Planet Earth!

We had a really busy day and we finished off the evening in our tree house, where I could keep watch from the top that the Trolls weren't going to come back and annoy us again! 

I'm over the moon with our break, I had really great fun! I did everything like a real adventurer. And, you know what, I also learned loads of things about nature and I can tell Baptiste, my boyfriend in school, he's going to be well jealous! 

I asked mum and dad if we could go back again, because there are loads of other activities to do and we didn't have time to see everything!

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