Logbook inside Terre de Dragons (Dragon Kingdom)

The Martani family has arrived in Vienne. During their stay, they hear about a gigantic tropical greenhouse deep in the countryside. As they're curious, they decide to check it out the very next day.  

10am: let the exploration begin!  

The happy family begins its adventure by visiting the botanical dome, a tropical oasis right in the heart of Poitou, with over 1,000 plants, flowers and trees. Traveller's trees, ferns, carnivorous plants, coconut trees, banana trees, as well as orchids and many more brighten up the dome. Total change of scenery guaranteed deep in the heart of the jungle! 


Once inside, several things intrigue the family as they stroll around: an abandoned laboratory, objects lying around related to dragons, a plane crashed in the water and even a dinosaur skeleton. The kids are over the moon, they feel like adventurers and are ready to solve this investigation! 

The further they progress in their quest, the more clues appear and seem to lead to a strange, scientist-adventurer, John Sheppard, who has been declared as disappeared without ever completing his research. This research was intended to prove that Dragons existed, and that they were far-removed cousins of crocodilians.  

12pm: food supplies 

Even if the situation is urgent, it's important to eat well before heading off on the adventure again! On-site, the family finds a place to fill their stomachs under the palm trees of the Wallaby Café, accompanied by a host of fascinating animals. 

Planète crocodiles

2pm: back to the quest 

John Sheppard confirms his hypothesis: crocodilians and dragons have many points in common! They can be found on all continents and have played key roles in legends in every culture for years.  

The visit is an invitation to study and to head off to encounter these curious animals. Crocodiles, turtles, chameleons, monitor lizards and even piranhas live in perfect harmony inside the dome. Caves and suspended bridges let you observe them down to their very last scale! An incomparable, fun-filled moment where the whole family has a great time yet never forget the ultimate goal: to find the Professor.  

The expedition finished in a strange wild garden. A young woman appears, it's the Professor's grand-daughter! She wants to find him to prove that dragons really did exist. 

Yet the mystery remains... Where on earth is Professor Sheppard?  

And it was following this event that Planète Crocodile became Terre de Dragons, in honour of the scientific research carried out by John Sheppard. 

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This activity is one of the Family experiences scheme! Discover the 17 activities to share with your tribe during your stay in Vienne. Loads of laughter, moments of pure delight and of being together await you.

Planète crocodiles

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