Let's save the abbey!

Suivons les aventures d’un jeune garçon qui a sauvé l’Abbaye de la Réau à Saint-Martin-l’Ars des envahisseurs britanniques !

Today, dad, mum Clémentine and I went to visit a really old place to feel what it was like to be a monk: de la Réau Royal Abbey! My sister and I were really happy because we love solving clues. When we arrived, the people that lived there gave us really special clothes to put on: monks' clothing.

I didn't even know what a monk was. Apparently they never ever spoke and lived together in large stone buildings. Every day, they'd follow rituals and go and pray in the abbey next door. Today, the roof's disappeared and that's a pity because it must have been really pretty. 

Abbaye de la Reau

For the adventure, we dressed up as monks and it was so funny. Even mum and dad dressed up. We were back in 1372, a really really long time ago, and there was a war with the English. They wanted to invade the abbey and the monks' home, so we tried to stop them together! 

Clémentine was really brilliant, she answered loads of questions. We had great fun going into the rooms where the monks lived: the living quarters, the kitchen, the dining hall, the bathroom, the bedrooms. And we even played hide and seek in secret rooms… but, hush! I'm not allowed to tell you!! 

At the end, we managed to prevent the English from setting the abbey on fire! We were so proud, so we went on and did other activities: we did stone-cutting and made coins, then we ran round the big garden. I really enjoyed this day and I'd love to do it again! 

Abbaye de la Reau
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