Labyrinthe végétal (Green Maze)

Come and discover 4 mazes deep in the heart of the countryside just 40 minutes south of Poitiers.

What's so special about them? They're made exclusively from plants!

So, have fun getting lost!

Weave your way through the Wood Maze, the Grass Maze, the Corn Maze and the Shrub Maze at your own pace and admire their natural realm. Come and get lost with your family in these mazes of different sizes and varying levels of difficulty! Are you sporty-minded? Well then, pedal like mad in the Maze Kart to get to the finish line first of one of the three tracks on-site!

Spark your senses while you're here with the sensorial discovery trail. Whether you stroll through barefoot or with your footwear, and even with your eyes closed and be guided by the breadcrumb trail, one thing's for sure: incredible sensations are waiting for you!

Besoin d’une pause après votre aventure ? Ressourcez-vous dans les sous-bois à disposition et offrez-vous une pause privilégiée pour profiter de la quiétude des lieux. N’hésitez plus, entre bois et champs, le Sentier des Pas Perdus vous promet une activité unique pour vous dégourdir les jambes avec vos enfants.

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Le Labyrinthe végétal





120€* offerts sur votre séjour

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