Indulge in the call of the forest!

Jardin Passion Nature vous emmène à travers les zones forestières de la Vienne pour un « Bain de forêt » : un moment d’apaisement et de lâcher-prise unique. Laissez vos sens s’éveiller au gré des activités proposés par Bellinda et François.

Bain de forêt
Bain de forêt

A forest: every single sense is sparked during this soothing stroll. The only sound to be heard is the crackle of feet on the ground and breathing. Here, everything is an invitation to meditate. You set off with your mind relaxed, empty on a meditative stroll. 

Bellinda and François set the scene: you're here to listen, observe, take time and just become one with nature. Whatever the season, the experience is always beautiful and unique.

"During this stroll, listen ever-so carefully and open your eyes ever-so wide. Take time to contemplate, to be amazed."

With your family, you'll (re)discover really special smells: moss, leaves, flowers, mushrooms, and sounds too: birds, crackling, wind, wild animals skulking in the shadows. The trees intrigue you when you look at them: you feel tiny standing under them yet you feel their energy running through you for sure. 

Then, it's time for fun-filled activities, an intergenerational exchange bonding family relationships. Feel the energy of the trees, create sculptures with what the forest offers you, observe from a fresh perspective. 

"- Mum... I think the tree's alive!  

- It is indeed, sweetie, it uses energy from the ground to grow and develop this marvellous foliage." 

The benefits of moments spent in unspoilt nature are ever-so real and you can actually feel them already! You feel soothed, your children are calmer and amazed at tiny details. They've already started asking you "When can we do it again? ".

Bain de forêt
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This activity is one of the firm favourites in the Family experiences scheme! Discover the 17 activities to share with your tribe during your stay in Vienne. Loads of laughter, moments of pure delight and of being together await you.

bain de forêt en famille

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Jardin Passion nature

Activité possible dans plusieurs forêts de la Vienne


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