In a knight's shoes!

Hi there, I'm Théo and I love knights. I asked mum and dad if we could go and visit a real castle one day! So, we set off for the Castle of Ternay. Did you know that this castle was built and destroyed loads of times? That's what Mr de Ternay, the owner, told us. 

He took us on a tour of his home and told us the whole history of his family since 1439. That's ultra old! I learned a lot about knights from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which was great as I could tell my schoolteacher all about it when school started up again. 

château de ternay

I remember we visited the inner courtyard, the four towers, the chapel, the dungeon and the main courtyard. And dad even said all of a sudden that if I wasn't good for the rest of the holidays, I'd end up in the dungeon. I didn't do anything silly after that.

Afterwards, we went for a stroll around the park, which is gigantic. Dad said it was the size of lots of football pitches! And, to finish off, Mr de Ternay told us we could spend the night in the castle. I asked mum if we could come back another time and I could tell my mates that I'd slept like a king!  

At the end of the tour, a mysterious knight appeared! But he couldn't remember who he was, that's a bit strange, isn't it? We helped him by solving clues and discovering coats of arms in the cellars. I wasn't even scared! Because knights aren't afraid of danger, and the same goes for me. Even dad had a great time! We all laughed loads together. 

To thank us for having helped him, the strange knight gave us a wonderful reward.

I can't wait for the rest of the holidays with the family and to head off and discover other fortresses around Vienne!

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château de ternay

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