Glide through the clouds!

C’est avec la famille Ouvrard que votre rêve de voler peut devenir réalité. Suivez la préparation de la montgolfière, tout en ressentant l’adrénaline monter, avant de survoler les paysages et d’observer différemment notre monde.

As dawn breaks or as dusk sets in, fly off with your head in the clouds gliding over magnificent scenescapes bathed in natural light. Take time to observe and admire villages, rivers, castles and other monuments from the sky. 

"- Dad, can you see the village! Everyone's really tiny down there like ants! 

 - Yes, that's Monthoiron, look really well, you can see the tower-fortress!" 

The itinerary depends on the wind, a getaway from it all, a pure taste of freedom that fills you with thrills, while you enjoy the breathtaking show that unfolds before your eyes. You'll feel on top of the world, together with your family, and time seems to fade away. 


"During this flight, open your eyes wide. Contemplate the vista, take time to observe all the details that you can only see from the sky." 

The journey ends with a glass of champagne or fruit juice for the kids. You're relaxed, as light as a feather, your mind bubbling over with incredible images. You'll receive a first flight in a hot-air balloon diploma at the end of your flight. Children can frame it and hang it on their bedroom wall and, for sure, they'll have an amazing story to tell their friends! 

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This activity is one of the Family experiences scheme! Discover the 17 activities to share with your tribe during your stay in Vienne. Loads of laughter, moments of pure delight and of being together await you.

montgolfière en famille

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Montgolfière Centre Atlantique

53 chemin du Portail Rouge – Antoigné

86100 Châtellerault


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