Enjoy life on a farm with your family

Let us tell you the tale of a family that lived in a town. They all head off on holiday to a place they've never been to before and are going to spend two days totally immersed in a lifestyle filled with surprises and discoveries. 

Day 1

8am… the cases are packed 

The kids climb into the back of the car, the parents up front: the engine's on and off we go! Direction the Poitevin bocage near Lathus-Saint-Rémy. Everyone's impatient: this couple of days relaxing in the countryside will be a real getaway. For their one-of-a-kind break, they've chosen the theme of life on the farm with loads of great activities!  

11am… at long last they've arrived 

The car heads down a little lane and stops outside big buildings: the Fermothèque (Farm immersion)! Their senses are already sparked: the smell of mowed grass, hearing goats bleating… Laurent, Violaine and their children welcome the family warmly! So, the stay's got off to a great start! The whole family sets off to visit the farm, where the animal area with the goats, donkeys, ewes, hens and ducks is a big hit.   

1pm… time to eat! 

Come on everyone: the dishes are garnished with local, seasonal produce, including veg picked from the farm's kitchen garden. Oh, this homemade meal's so yummy!  

3pm… farm life 

Right, it's time to get down to real farm work now: the family starts off by discovering how to look after the animals. The children feed the ewes with baby bottles - and enjoy a few cuddles while they're at it - then head off to sprinkle grain for the hens and collect a few freshly-laid eggs, whilst the parents look on with affection at these endearing scenes.  

5pm… from the kitchen garden to the table 

After a well-deserved afternoon snack, farm life continues in the kitchen garden where a few ripe vegetables and fruit are picked. Now, it's time to head to the kitchen for a fun-filled learning workshop: to prepare the evening meal with the farm's own produce.  

8:30pm… an incomparable night 

Laughter keeps flowing late through the night, but the experience isn't over yet. The family sets off to end the day and sleep in a yurt. Its wooden structure and insulated covering means they'll spend warm, cosy nights inside…   

La Fermothèque

Day 2 

Early in the morning… 

The sun rises and the cock crows in the bocage. Parents and kids wake up after a great night's sleep but, no time to waste: there's work to be done on the farm. Feeding, discovering farm work, eco initiatives, treasure hunts around the holding… everything's perfect to enjoy a timeless interlude! Laurent and Violaine share lots of interesting things about their life close to nature. The whole family can feel their passion.  

Time to leave… 

But, at the end of the day, everyone wants to stay! Everyone remembers what they've learned here: how tomatoes grow, what feed to give hens and geese, easy eco-initiatives to roll out in their own everyday life back home. But, above all, our little family has learned how to slow down and live in tune with nature. The children leave, heads overflowing with memories, dreaming of maybe one day living in the countryside… 

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This activity is one of the Family experiences scheme! Discover the 17 activities to share with your tribe during your stay in Vienne. Loads of laughter, moments of pure delight and of being together await you.

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