Dive deep into Loudun's mysteries

Take in the tale of Loudon with its rather eerie past.  

Head off with an expert guide and a tote bag full of the equipment you'll need for your tour and enjoy an experience proposed by the Loudun Tourist Office that unveils a sinister side to the town through two one-of-a-kind visits focusing on medieval bestiary and fantasy, which will put you to the test.

The first tour takes you into the town centre. You'll discover Sainte-Croix Collegiate Church as you stroll along with a mirror and the background opera music of "Die Teufel von Loudun", translated as "The Devils of Loudun". Visit the Romanesque Art Centre as seen by a fly in the chapel and admire the stained glass windows, bearing witness to the town's past. Finish your visit at Saint Pierre du Marché Church; with its gourmet architectural description and "monstrous" sweeties.


The second tour focuses on the Martray District and the strange legends of Sainte Radegonde Church, such as the oat miracle, the Loudun possessions, exorcism sessions which took place in the Collegiate Church during the 17th century. Not very reassuring, is it? Pursue your visit with Saint-Hilaire du Martray church, its medieval bestiary and its stained glass window, the largest in Poitou, considered a curiosity, and the Charbonneau-Lassay Museum where you'll be able to express your creativity by drawing an imaginary creature.

To get over all these emotions and congratulate the courageous among you, enjoy a selection of Loudun's sweet delights which will be handed around at the end of the activity. 

A highly-original experience to enjoy with the family and great memories to share once back home of this amazing, unforgettable day.

Why not come back and visit Loudun with your loved ones or friends and remember, you'll most definitely not be alone as you wander through the town!

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Collégiale sainte croix Loudun

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