Discover Dog-karting and Dog-trekking

Enjoy travelling across Vienne with your family and adorable Huskies. Several activities are proposed with these adorable mountain dogs here in Vienne! 

Dog-teaming in Brion

attelage de chiens à Brion

Fancy discovering a Nordic environment without leaving Vienne?


Well then, come to Brion, in the south of the department, and discover a specially-created base for a perfect getaway! With its log chalet, set in 8-hectare surroundings, its sledding dogs and trapper teaming with their faithful furry friends, you'll be whisked off to another world! 

Several formulas are proposed: from discovery initiation sessions on adapted tracks to professional training courses, you'll definitely find your heart' delight! 

Dog-karting and Dog-trekking in Guesnes

activité cani rando

Latitude Nordique whisks you off to trapper times! A Siberian Husky-drawn kart, a musher aka the kart driver, jump on-board a kart, head off into their world and share unforgettable moments in unspoilt natural surroundings! 

As a novice trapper, you'll observe how to set up the kart and you'll be amazed by the excitement of the pack before departure. You'll join in an incredible trip and, when you return to base, you'll spend cosy, cuddle time with your furry travel companions. Thank them for the experience and their efforts by rewarding them with snacks! 

For more relaxed outings, head off with your Husky attached on a long lead to a large, comfortable belt you'll be wearing for a dog-trekking session! 

You'll create a bond with your four-legged friend as together you enjoy exploring along hiking and biking routes! Use your voice to guide your furry friend and let its energy take you to unravel the mysteries of our environment! 

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