Back to the 20th century

It was a wonderful day! Yet it wasn't an easy task: getting the kids out of bed at the weekend is a real nightmare. But, this time round, I had a plan: to take them to a really different place which would get them out of the house by promising them that we'd go to a themed restaurant in the evening. Yes, accepted, sold! 

And, that's how we hit the road to visit Le Cormenier. The kids discovered life at the beginning of the 20th century: a classroom, life on a farm, the vigil around the fire and a host of other everyday moments! Everywhere we went, Paillou the scarecrow and automatons narrated the life of Pierre, from his birth to his wedding. It was incredibly real thanks to the sounds and smells! 

le cormenier

The kids were relaxed, paid attention and were even curious. 

"Mum, is that the way grandpa and grandma lived? 

- Yes, it was a bit like that. You can tell them what you've seen here and ask them questions! "  

Afterwards, we visited the next part and ended up in the Glorious 30 era, following the war. The kids took part in various mini activities and touched and played with all sorts of objects. Another way of showing them life from bygone days… 

I'm rather delighted with the day we spent together. And I will always remember what mu 7-year-old son said: 

"You know mum, we can do other activities outside of home anytime you want." 

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le cormenier

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