A joyful, gourmet horse ride

Holiday time at last! This year we headed off to Poitou, and we had to find activities to keep everyone busy. Sylvie, a friend of mine, told me about an equestrian centre that proposed gourmet horse rides. To tell the truth, I wasn't that thrilled, but when my daughter Charlotte heard the words horses and ponies, it was already too late to say no.

D-day came around and we had a date at Nieuillet Farm, close to Voulême, for a mother and daughter day out.

We arrived and saw the animals in the stables: Charlotte couldn't stand still anymore! We went over to meet them, this year we're not with the ponies though. She was going to ride a horse. My daughter had become one of the big girls!

Before setting off on the Poitou trails, everyone had to get their horse ready. Mine was called Savana and Charlotte teamed up with Coquin. Her first contact with her horse was great and she was so happy: I could see the stars in her eyes.

Balade à cheval gourmande

After Elizabeth, our instructor for the day, explained a few rules and attitudes to have, we were off, along with other families.

What a great ride! We crossed over fields and woods in the south of Vienne, we were at one with the landscape and the horses were even able to splash about in the Charente. Charlotte was in fits of laughter!

After 1h30 of effort, at last it was time for comfort! A half hour gourmet break, with the sun splitting the stones, tasting yummy local produce from the Poitevin region! Sweet and savoury delights that children and parents alike adored.

We finished the day by grooming the horses and Charlotte got her first horse-riding certificate. On the way home, my daughter couldn't stop talking about Coquin. She even said with a really serious tone of voice "Mum, I want a horse for my birthday!".

We'd spent great mother and daughter time together and we'll go back again to do it with dad and the little brother!

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Balade à cheval gourmande

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