A day with Martin the donkey

Ah! Here we go! I was getting impatient. At last, I'm going to discover the agenda for the day!  

I live in Jazeneuil, a little village in the Poitevin countryside. It's brilliant: natural surroundings are everywhere, every day. Trees, flowers, birds and a host of other four-legged friends…

I'm really lucky: my mates and I are treated like queens and kings. 

Estelle looks after us and she's adorable. She really loves us a lot, and she gave me a strange but nice name: Martin. 

I can see straight away that our day's going to be busy: we're heading off on an adventure with young and old humans! The little ones always give me loads of hugs… and I love that.

La belle anée

Oh, they're on their way, I can hear them laughing, I move towards them slowly… they've seen me now! They chat for a few moments, then bring all the gear over. We're all going to get ready together for a long trek and I'm going to guide them along the trails. 

On our way, they laugh a lot, stroke me a lot and say a lot of kind things. All the young and old humans seem really happy! It's true that sometimes I don't want to move, sometimes I'm a bit capricious, but their gentle words always bring me to my senses. 

At midday, we stop off along the river bank for lunch. Bread and carrots for me and lunchboxes full of good food for the humans. Everyone's enjoying themselves, there's not even time to talk the hind legs of a donkey! 

The return trip's just as great and I know that, secretly, no-one wants to say goodbye. Mathilde whispers in my ear "I'll miss you" and, you know what, I'm going to miss her too! The day draws to a close and I can't wait to meet other humans in the coming days. 

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