Chauvigny RailBike

Fancy a trip out of the ordinary? Then jump onboard these strange machines and enjoy

an exceptional panorama over the town of Chauvigny and its medieval district by riding along the former railway track. 

vélorail de chauvigny

Let’s go for an excursion along the former railway track…

Just as you start out, check what remains of the five castles as well St Peter’s Collegiate Church, then cross over the Bocage Chauvinois deep in the heart of nature. You’ll journey through dry valleys, sunken paths, undergrowth and wooded plains offering magnificent scenescapes over a 17 km round trip. The sporty ones among you will delight in the climb on the outbound trail, whilst the homebound trail will be perfect for relaxing and taking it easy.  

Accessible from the age of 18 months (please contact VéloRail directly for more information), 2 to 5 people can get onboard a vehicle, the presence of at least one adult is compulsory.

Don't forget to request your roadbook which includes a map of the route and information on the history of Chauvigny. 

vélorail de chauvigny

Contact details

VéloRail de Chauvigny

10, rue de la Folie



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