Vallée des Singes (Monkey Valley)

Enter a one-of-a-kind, cage-free, barrier-free wildlife park inhabited by over 450 monkeys (gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, lemurs...). 

vallée des singes

A date in unknown land

34 species of primates live together on fifteen or so lush green islands set in a 22-hectare park.

Turn your faculty of observation on so you can see them concealed in this wooded kingdom! Around a bend in a track, the primates will come zig-zagging around your feet and will offer you the opportunity to see them closer than ever before. Some will remain unperturbed and indifferent to you whilst others, more curious, like the lemurs, have more than one trick up their sleeve to surprise you.  

An exceptional moment not to be missed: feeding time. The animal carers will introduce you to the different species, their lifestyles and will tell you tales, then will answer all your questions.  

In 2020, meerkats, little carnivores from South Africa, arrived on the scene which your kids will definitely adore! Check out the radiated tortoises from Madagascar right next to the lemurs’ territory. These terrestrial tortoises owe their name to the yellow lines inside their shell which come together to form a star shape. 

Don’t forget to stop off at the mini farm in the park to discover or to show your children dwarf goats, alpacas and various species of hens and ducks. Last but not least, different playgrounds are dotted around the park for your children. 

vallée des singes lémuriens

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Monkey Valley (Vallée des Singes)

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