Leonardo’s Treasure (Le Trésor de Léonard)

Whisk your children off to discover the Renaissance period through a treasure hunt!

 “Leonardo’s Treasure” invites you to follow the clues to reach an ever-so sought-after loot, in an impressive park.  

chasse au trésor monthoiron

Head off on the treasure hunt

This adventure, illustrated by the characters from the comic book “Léonard Génie”, unveils the history of Monthoiron Castle, Leonardo da Vinci and the strange round tower located on the site. Your children dressed up in Renaissance-style costumes, will journey back through time with you to solve the various enigmas.  

Finish off your visit with the site’s new game for 2020. The “Secret of Karmanor” is an outdoor treasure hunt highlighted with insects made from LEGO® bricks. Little ones (from the age of 3) will love looking for them and admiring them!  

And, if ever you’re a little (or really) hungry, take time out to enjoy a snack or a meal in the midst of the Castle and its Fortress-Tower on one of the picnic areas or just relax on the grass and take in the magnificent greenery of the estate around you. 

chasse au trésor

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Château de Monthoiron

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