Le Grand Atelier, Art and Industry Museum 

le Grand atelier Châtellerault

A different visit of Châtellerault

Le Grand Atelier, established in the former arms factory in Châtellerault, proposes three different exhibition spaces.

As sharp-edged weapons and firearms had been manufactured here for over a hundred years, it was totally legitimate for them to take their place in the Museum! On a different note, the Auto-Motorbike-Bike space, related to the town of Châtellerault's industrial past, invites you to stroll around vintage vehicles.

Here, automobiles, motorbikes and bikes as well as spare parts and accessories from bygone days are centre staged to narrate to you the history of land transport. A final exhibition pays tribute to the cabaret Le Chat Noir (Black Cat), founded in Paris by a local man, Rodolphe Salis. Posters, reviews and shadow silhouettes whisk you off into the atmosphere of the well-known artistic café!

le Grand atelier Châtellerault

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Le Grand Atelier, Art and Industry Museum

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