Terre de dragons (Dragon Kingdom)

In 2021, Planète Crocodiles becomes Terre de Dragons (Dragon Kingdom)! Explore places where you’ll come nose-to-nose with astonishing creatures.

planète crocodiles à civaux

Emotion guaranteed!

The adventure begins under the mysterious 5,000m² tropical dome where the vegetation is luxuriant and the wild animals intriguing. Right from the word ‘go’, you’ll be intrigued by the various things you come across on your stroll: an abandoned lab, a plane crashed in the water, a dinosaur skeleton…

You’ll become aware rather quickly that you’re looking for Professor Sheppard who was on a quest to find mysterious dragons! You’ll come across crocodilians, turtles and other exotic creatures on firm ground and even on top of nets hanging high above the pools. Will you be able to pluck up the courage it takes?

Your visit continues once you cross through the wild outdoor garden. A young woman’s voice can be heard: it’s Sheppard’s grand-daughter and she’s also looking for him! We’ll let you discover what happens next. It's highly likely that your journey will take you to a mysterious 6th continent where strange imaginary creatures lurk... Will you manage to find Professor Sheppard?

Planète crocodiles

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Terre de Dragons (Dragon Kingdom)

Route du Fond d’Orveau

86320 CIVAUX


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