Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience deep in the heart of nature, in a world where sprites and leprechauns reign supreme. Be lulled by birdsong, head off to meet dromedaries, Poitou donkeys and lamas and roam as you please with the people of the night.  

Défiplanet le parc

The fun-filled nature park!

The tale begins in the Domaine de Dienné! Let your adventurous spirit run wild while you enjoy the thrills of the treetop rope course, zip lines, archery and horse-riding. Do you prefer spending time together with the family? Well, everything’s on hand! Its theme park “No need to be a super hero to save the Planet” whisks you off into an interactive adventure across the world hand-in-hand with your guide “Petit Sabot”. Your mission? To save the planet!  

After the effort comes comfort! Time to head over to Défiplanet’ restaurant spaces. Le Chaudron du farfadet (The Leprechaun’s Cauldron) invites you to discover the people of the night through its five kingdoms: the Tavern, the Giants' Table, the Tumulus, the Grotto and the Firmament. Fancy some grilled delights? Then the plancha des farfadets (Leprechaun’s Cauldron plancha) is perfect for you! Sit back, relax and enjoy the wooden chalet atmosphere as you savour meat and fish cooked in pure leprechaun tradition.   

To recover after all these incredible events, why not wind down in the park’s one-of-a-kind accommodation: animal houses (rabbit, hen, snail, etc.), leprechauns’ house, tree houses as well as yurts and traditional travel trailers on wheels. There’s something for everyone! 

Accrobranche défiplanet

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