Le Cormenier

Journey back through time to the 20th century where you’ll find yourself immersed in Pierre and his family’s rural lifestyle,

from his birth to his wedding, in Champniers in the Civraisien region.  

le cormenier

A trip into the Poitevin past

During this adventure, you’ll be accompanied by Paillou, the storytelling scarecrow who has a host of tales to tell!    

A 100% immersive atmosphere with scenes from yesteryear, smells, sounds and larger-than-life automatons to help conjure up bygone days and memories. Curious kids will discover a fun-filled learning space, will take part in various mini activities and will be able to touch and play with vintage objects.   

This 2-hour sensorial discovery experience whisks you back to the beginning of the 20th century, with a classroom, life on a farm, the vigil around the fire and labour in the fields. Then take another jump through time to explore the festive Glorious 30 period and the changes that shook up these years, through interactive scenes, anecdotes, games and more…  

le cormenier

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Le Cormenier

Chez Bernardeau




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