Chauvigny medieval town

Venture into the medieval town of Chauvigny 

It’s no coincidence if Chauvigny was granted the “Plus Beaux Détours de France” (Most Beautiful Detours of France) label! Its impressive medieval old town perched high above the low town, chronicles the town’s medieval past. Five castles reigned over the town at the same time, but today only three vestiges remain, and all three invite you to discover their activities and events! 

Castle of the Bishops 

château des evêques

This castle, given this name as it was home to bishops during the Middle Ages, counted two dungeons which are now but ruins, as they were used during the French Revolution as a stone quarry. 

Today, however, visitors can take part in a genuine aerial ballet. Take a seat in the redesigned amphitheatre located inside the castle and wow at a magical falconry performance set to medieval music. Eagles, falcons, vultures, owls and parrots invite you to delight in an unforgettable moment with “Les Géants du ciel” (Giants of the Sky)! 

Gouzon Dungeon 

donjon de gouzon chauvigny

This gigantic dungeon, dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries, was restored in the 1990s. It currently hosts an industrial archaeology museum spread over four floors. 

Climb up to the top floor, 25 metres above the ground, and admire the breathtaking vista over St Peter’s Collegiate Church and the town stretching along the banks of the River Vienne. 

Harcourt Castle 

château d'Harcourt

This 13th century castle, very well preserved as totally restored, belonged to two noble families before being bought by the bishops of Chauvigny. Must-not-miss: its vaulted prison and its exhibition halls. 

Several times throughout the year, you can join in an Escape Game inside the castle grounds! You and your family have leprosy and must find the remedy before it’s too late… 

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