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Family Experiences, what's it all about?  

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Bring out your inner child with Family Experiences, new for 2021, head off to fill up on emotions and thrills with your tribe as you travel across Vienne!  

Thanks to a great selection of activities created just for you, parents AND children alike, choose the mode that suits you best, and pass the challenges with flying colours to reach the ultimate goal: an amazing time with the family.  

One-of-a-kind getaways, solving riddles & clues, exploring heritage, discovering crafts and encounters with animals … there's something for everyone!  

Every year, new adventures will be added, an invitation for even more fun and more sharing! 


Choose your WAHOO level of experience from immersion, thrill, exploration and creation.  

Expériences famille immersion


Expériences famille Emotion


Expériences famille Exploration


Expériences famille Création



Choose the gauge that sparks your curiosity most! The next part of the adventure is marked…  


Trigger experience mode by meeting the challenge proposed! Which ones are you going to do first? 


Tell us about your experiences! Which member of the family was the most courageous? The most adventurous? Who managed to outdo the clues and secrets sprinkled around the tourist sites? Share your family moments on our social media!

Step 5 

Votez pour votre Expériences Famille coup de cœur !

The one with the most votes will be rewarded in 2022! But, until then, let's keep the suspense going

Vote for your favourite Family Experiences!

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