Coming by plane

Get on-board, destinationPoitiers-Biard Airport! Regular flights are proposed all year round from Lyon, London Stansted and exclusive flights in June from Marseille, Marrakech, Dublin and Porto!  

Direct flights

Lyon :  

• London Stansted (flights resume on 2 July 2021):  

  • Wednesdays: London 12:25pm > 2:55pm Poitiers // Poitiers 3:25pm > 3:50pm London 
  • Fridays: London 3:10pm > 5:40pm Poitiers // Poitiers 6:10pm > 6:35pm London 
  • Sundays: London 2:25pm > 4:55pm Poitiers // Poitiers 5:25pm > 5:50pm London 

• Marseille (from 15 to 29 June 2021): 

  • Tuesdays: Poitiers 10:25am > Marseille 11:40am // Marseille 12:05pm > Poitiers 1:25pm 
  • Saturdays: Poitiers 10:20am> Marseille 11:35am // Marseille 12:00pm > Poitiers 1:20pm 

Marrakech (from 15 to 29 June 2021):  

  • Tuesdays: Marrakech 2:40pm > Poitiers 6:35pm // Poitiers 7:00pm > Marrakech 8:55pm 
  • Saturdays: Marrakech 8:00am > Poitiers 11:55am // Poitiers 12:20pm> Marrakech 2:15pm 

Dublin (from 14 to 28 June 2021):  

  • Mondays: Dublin 1:30pm > Poitiers 4:10pm // Poitiers 4:35pm > Dublin 5:15pm 
  • Fridays: Dublin 11:00am > Poitiers 1:40pm // Poitiers 2:05pm> Dublin 2:45pm 

Porto (from 15 to 29 June 2021): 

  • Tuesdays: Porto 7:05am > Poitiers 10:00am // Poitiers 1:50pm > Porto 2:45pm 
  • Saturdays: Porto 7:00am > Poitiers 9:55am // Poitiers 1:45pm> Porto 2:40pm 

Montpellier (du 6 juillet au 28 août 2021) :

  • Les mardis : Poitiers 15h40 > Montpellier 16h50 // Montpellier 17h20 > Poitiers 18h30
  • Les Samedis :Poitiers 10h30 > Montpellier 11h40 // Montpellier 12h10 > Poitiers 13h20

Getting around

It's ever-so easy to move around once you're here! You'll see, weaving your way across the Vienne department is a breeze. Choose your wheels... by car, by bus or even by bike!  

By car

If you fancy driving around, various rental firms are on hand to help you find the car that suits you best... city car, family estate or even a minibus: 

But, be careful, car rental firm are only on-site at the airport during flight arrival times. 

The Vienne department boasts a great road infrastructure including motorways, national roads and small roads which invite you to discover the region's treasures in the best possible way. 

By bus

The department also proposes a coach network which enables you to move around easily in the land of Futuroscope. An urban bus network is also available in Poitiers and neighbouring towns.  

Overnight stops

Different types and styles of accommodation, offering you great quality and a warm-hearted welcome, are available in Vienne: 

What to do? What to see?

There's something to suit everyone in Vienne, whatever sort of emotions or thrills you're looking for!  


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