8 treasure hunts for fun with the family

Nothing could be better fun than running through trails following and solving clues, trying to find a treasure! A host of investigation-style games invite young and old alike to enjoy moments of highly-original discoveries. Head off down earth-trodden tracks, steep back streets and secret alleyways and, while you're here, find out all about local history! Here are a few of our favourite treasure hunts. 

The Laundry Cache in Moncontour

moncontour la grande buée

Head off to Moncontour, this town overflowing with history where the Duke of Anjou battled it out in 1569 against Protestant troops led by Gaspard de Coligny.  

Tèrra Aventura's Laundry Cache quest takes you through the laundry trail and on to the amazing Moncontour Dungeon. Other sites are worth a stop-off: the Bonne Dame Chapel, famous back in the days of the Celts for its water that worked miracles on the eyes.  

For fans of history, Moncontour Dungeon is a must-not-miss. The 11th-century fortress was built by Foulques Nerra. Climb to the top of the dungeon and take in the breathtaking view over the region of Loudun. Let your imagination run free and conjure up historic events. 

The Days of Angles Embroidery Tale takes place in Angles-sur-l'Anglin 

angles sur l'anglin

Angles-sur-l'Anglin, listed as one of the “Plus Beaux Villages de France” (Most Beautiful Villages of France), is a must for fans of history and old stone.  

Tèrra Aventura's "The Days of Angles Embroidery Tale" leads you through the flower-filled back streets of the village and across the rugged rocks of the 11th-century fortress. Between scenescapes that will take your breath away along the banks of the Creuse and historic anecdotes, your quest will be incredibly exciting and wonderfully enriching!  

Once you've found the treasure, don't forget to visit the Roc aux Sorciers: a reproduction of the prehistoric sculpted frieze made directly in the stone by our ancestors some 15,000 years ago.  

You'll adore the unspoilt beauty of this charming village. 

The Cave Witch in Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse 

troglodytes saint rémy sur creuze

This site, located close to La Roche Posay thermal resort, is famous for its troglodytic village and its chalk cliff stretching high over the Creuse Valley.  

Tèrra Aventura's "Cave Witch" quest will whisk you off through the forest to enchanting troglodytic houses. 

Saint-Rémy was founded by Richard the Lionheart in 1189 and, back then, grottos and caves were used as safe havens by local inhabitants of this area ruled by the English when they were invaded by the French! 

Trouble at the Blade Manufacture! in Châtellerault 

châtellerault la manu

Châtellerault, Poitou's 2nd largest city, labelled Pays d’Art et d’Histoire (Town and Land of Art and History), located along the Vienne, boasts great history, heritage and cultural wealth.  

Tèrra Aventura and its "Trouble at the Blade Manufacture" quest will take you through the streets and secrets of the city centre to reach the former arms factory and its 45 metre-high towers.  

While you're here, take time out to visit the exquisite Saint-Jacques Church as well as Blossac Theatre, a restored Italian-style venue. 

Paleo-deco in Lussac-les-Châteaux 

lussac les châteaux

This Tèrra Aventura quest whisks you off to discover the Paleolithic Age which is still highly visible in Lussac-les-Châteaux. Explore the Hermitage Caves where you'll see engraved tablets as well as the piers of the bridge, standing proudly over the lake. 

Lussac-les-châteaux developed during the Middle Ages around its castle. Today, however, only the ruins remain. It was sacked by Admiral Coligny's troops and then dismantled. 

Fantastic Beasts in Civray 


Animals reign supreme on the Tèrra Aventura quest in Civray, located in the south of the department. As you stroll through the streets exploring Romanesque art, you'll also discover a myriad of tales related to animals. 

The town was built around Saint-Nicolas Church, a marvellous example of 12th-century Romanesque art. Its façade is exceptional and decorated with multiple statues, including the Wise and Foolish Virgins from the Parable of the Ten Virgins. 

Civray is right in the centre of one of the most interesting tourist itineraries. Private mansions and dwellings from the days of the Old Regime bear witness to the dynamism of the town at that time. The 15th-century Provost's House is well worth a visit.  

Melusine's back in Lusignan 


Here in Lusignan, you'll be walking in the footsteps of the fairy Melusine as she comes back here every Saturday to visit, says the legend. She turns into a snake woman and slithers through the streets and houses of the town…  

Head off to find her with Tèrra Aventura's "Melusine's Back" quest! 

Vikings rule in Poitiers 

Enquête Viking à Poitiers

Poitiers Tourist Office invites you to enjoy this one-of-a-kind game where you can discover Poitiers in a fun-filled way, disguised as a Viking. Take time out to visit the City of a hundred bell towers' most exquisite monuments!Office de Tourisme de Poitiers, ce jeu d’enquête inédit permet de découvrir Poitiers de façon ludique, déguisé en Viking. Arrêtez-vous devant les plus beaux monuments de la ville aux cent clochers ! 

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