5 activities where kids reign supreme!

Give your children a treat, and let them guide you through several tourist sites where they'll be welcomed as the stars of the show! Take advantage of their boundless energy to take them to 4 must-see, must-do sites where they'll be in their element! 

Futuroscope Park 

Your kids will be over the moon in this family-dedicated park! They'll probably come across their favourite heroes! Scrat, Raving Rabbids and larger-than-life robots as they head off on an adventure through several incredible attractions. 

In Destination Mars, the new thrill-filled attraction, they'll become chief astronauts and whisk you off to planet Mars. Of course, they'll muster up extra courage to reach their goal, as they weave their way through magnetic fields and solar flares! 

In the Extraordinary Journey, they'll take you on a breathtaking trip around the world in a hot-air balloon. 

Then, they'll become real heroes in Futuropolis, the town where kids rule! Fire-fighter, lifeguard, pilot and more, in the 21 attractions on hand! 

Looking for Leonardo’s Treasure 

le trésor de Léonard

Léonard Génie, a comic book hero, will guide your children, clue after clue, to find the treasure! Your kids, dressed up like back in the Middle Ages, to fit in with the Tower built by Leonardo da Vinci that you can see on site, have to solve riddles and clues scattered around the immense lush green park. 

With Tèrra Aventura 

terra aventura

Here, it's the kids that lead the way for geocaching! Use your smartphone to follow the quests, answer the riddles correctly and head for the treasure! 

Tèrra Aventura is available throughout Nouvelle-Aquitaine and invites children to enjoy a fun-filled stroll based on a variety of topics: history, tales and legends, nature, sport, literature and more.  

Download the app to your smartphone and let your kids take the lead as you pursue the 25 quests around Vienne! 

To DéfiPlanet’ 

Défiplanet le parc

With Petit Sabot's help, your children will delight in an adventure in an incredible park to save our Blue Planet. The clues will take them through an interactive experience, accompanied by crafty little sprites and leprechauns. 

Archery, treetop rope courses and horse-riding on-site for great sporty moments! And, why not finish off the day in one of the little houses shaped like giant animals and offer a well deserved rest to these budding warriors! 

Vikings, running around Poitiers! 

Enquête Viking à Poitiers

Every kid's dreamed of strolling through the streets of Poitiers dressed like a Viking exploring newfound land: well now the dream's reality! As a descendent of King Hagnar, your kids have to take on terrible legends about the city to find the code to open a rather strange chest… 

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