5 activities for animal lovers

Your children won't be able to resist the charm of the incredible animals that live in our department! A total change of scenery that will whisk you off to Louisiana to meet alligators, to Brazil to get up close to squirrel monkeys and even to the tops of mountains to observe birds of prey… without ever leaving Vienne! 

Poitou mohair

The Bois de Praille Farm, specialized in breeding angora goats, is located in Benassay, on the Boivre-la-Vallée commune. Come along and meet Isabelle, the only woman breeder of angora goats in Poitou, who is devoted to breeding and to working with mohair.

These adorable little goats genetically produce fibres that Isabelle transforms into knitting yarns, elegant garments and soft plaids with the help of local craftspeople. Isabelle is passionate about and an expert on the origins of mohair and its qualities and will let you into the secrets of mohair from Poitou.

Whether you're young or old, you'll enjoy stroking the soft fleece of these delightful little goats; come on, they're just waiting to meet you!

Visit the boutique and discover all the certified products; the farm is issued with the French farm mohair label.

Les Géants du ciel (Giants of the Sky) 

Do you adore observing eagles, falcons, owls and other feathered friends?  

Discover the art of falconry at the Castle of the Bishops in Chauvigny!  

This castle, standing supreme in a medieval district overlooking the town, offers a sumptuous setting for wowing at the feats of the various birds of prey. The show is out of this world: falcons, eagles, storks and vultures take part in real aerial ballets, right over your head!  

After this incredible moment, head off for a free, educational visit of the medieval castle and have fun trying out the host of wooden games on hand for young and old alike.  

La Belle Ânée (Donkey trekking)  

la belle anée

Fancy a bit of authenticity and nature? Nothing could be more enjoyable than a stroll with a donkey. Donkeys, with their engaging glance and long ears, are endearing and really affectionate.   

Take time out with this faithful, gentle companion and wander along Melusine's secret trails in the Vonne Valley as you discover the pleasures of walking at the donkey's pace. 

Donkeys are gentle, incredibly smart and know how to adapt to everyone's rhythm.   

La Belle Ânée (Donkey trekking) in Jazeneuil proposes several formulas: 

  • An accompanied initiation dedicated to people who wish to get to know donkeys during a trek.  
  • A discovery formula where you can head off alone for a half day on the trails around Jazeneuil. 
  • A picnic formula where you can fill the bags the donkeys carry with everything you need and be totally free for a full day to delight in the charms of the Vonne Valley.  

You may also book roaming breaks that include stopovers in campsites or guesthouses. You'll be able to go as you please for a few days and follow Melusine's footsteps. 

Monkey Valley (Vallée des Singes) 

la vallée des singes

Imagine 450 monkeys running around free in a 20-hectare natural space where your dreams of discovery and total change of scenery come true.  

To admire them and observe them, it's ever-so-easy, just head over to the Vallée des Singes (Monkey Valley), the largest natural park in Europe where primates roam free.  

34 species live together in harmony here… And, the stars of the show, without a doubt, are the bonobos, a threatened species. While you're here, don't miss the squirrel monkeys, hidden high up in their trees, and the ring-tailed lemurs that'll be running all around you!  

You can also visit the little farm that breeds local animals such as goats and sheep that your kids will definitely adore stroking.   

And, to take time out, there are also play areas and restaurants on-site. Everything you need to enjoy great days with the family. 

Terre de dragons (Dragon Kingdom)

planète crocodiles

An extraordinary world is waiting for you in Civaux.  

Incredible animals to discover from up high! In total safety!   

Check out the crocodiles, turtles, chameleons, monitor lizards and enjoy as your dreams of becoming an adventurer come true. Walk through a 10-metre high trail of safety nets and observe these animals in their pools: thrills and excitement guaranteed! The animal carers will explain all about these animals' lives to you. Extra little something: your kids may even get the chance to feed the reptiles!   

A thousand or so plants bloom and flourish under a 5,000 m² dome in a tropical atmosphere. Admire lush plants and fruit that grows season in, season out, (baobabs, traveller's tree, coconut trees, banana trees, orchids and more, a feast for the eyes).  

And, to end your visit perfectly, the restaurant set inside the dome with a vista over the pool invites you to relax and enjoy the scenery! 

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