4 historic places to visit

Summer holidays are great moments for discovering new places with the family close to home. And, to make a change from typical trips, why not check out a place that's bubbling over with history? Here's our selection sure to amaze you.


angles sur l'anglin terra aventura

Your trip to one of the most beautiful villages in France will take you to the top of one of the towers of its fortress to admire a panoramic view over Anglin Valley. This monument, dating back to the 11th century, reigns supreme 40 metres high over the river.

When you leave the vestiges of the fortress, why not continue your exploration through the reproduction of the prehistoric sculpted frieze of the Roc aux Sorciers? Open wide your eyes and ears, stroll through the educational scenography and enjoy the 30-minute multimedia show.  

Saint-Savin Abbey Church 

abbaye de sainr-savin

Head off and discover this UNESCO-listed world heritage site through its outstanding frescoes. Don't forget to request your interactive digital companion to enjoy this incredible visual experience as you visit this exceptional site with your family.

It will reveal all the secrets of this monument to you and your children through a host of videos and interviews. If free-as-you-please visits aren't for you, why not opt for the dramatized tour? Head off and explore the monument and its secrets with Jean Edoux, a time traveller.  

Le Cormenier 

le cormenier

Have you ever wondered what life was like a century ago? Well then, head for Le Cormenier! Here, you'll take a trip 100 years back through time accompanied by Paillou, the storytelling scarecrow. 

This museum offers you an experience where your senses will be tested: scenographic discoveries of a 20th-century rural village, smells of yesteryear to spark memories of the past… Enjoy this immersion into times-gone-by with your family! 

past… Enjoy this immersion into times-gone-by with your family! Fancy seeing more? If you've got more time left before heading back to the 21st century, well, come dive into the Glorious 30 period through a host of interactive scenes.  

Sanxay Gallo-Roman site  

site gallo romain de sanxay

So, you'd like to be whisked further back in time? Well then, come and enjoy the great outdoors and Antiquity on the archaeological site of Sanxay, located south-west of Poitiers. 

Amphitheatre, thermal baths and a temple are waiting for you on one of the best preserved sites of the Gallo-Roman world. 

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