12 nature-focused activities to get away from it all

Have a go at nature-focused activities with the family, get away from it all in wonderfully-relaxing spots. Discover the spots that inspire us. 

Canoe and SUP trips 

balade en canoe

Sail down the Vienne, the Clain, the Gartempe or the Charente in a canoe or a SUP, drift along these rivers and discover the fauna and flora of this beautiful Poitou region. Enjoy incredible natural scenescapes, indulge in a huge breath of fresh air to recharge your batteries while having fun. 

Labyrinthe végétal (Green Maze) 

labyrinthe végétal

Fancy sparking your senses and feeling at one with nature? Well then, head to Romagne and set off "On the route of the lost steps". Your adventurous spirit won't be able to resist the call to discover this amazingly-infuriating Maze.   

Weave your way through 4 mazes (the Wood Maze, the Grass Maze, the Corn Maze and the Shrub Maze) and, above all, make sure you find the right route among all the false clues given! The Grass Maze proposes a super-sensorial itinerary that you can stroll through barefoot or with your footwear. Follow the breadcrumb trail and enjoy feeling all your senses at play. A magical adventure for an afternoon out with the family or with friends.  

The site also proposes pedal-karting for all sports lovers among you. 

Tèrra aventura 

terra aventura

The thrill of treasure hunting in the Vienne department!  

Tèrra Aventura proposes 25 geocaching quests. It's up to you to find the famous "caches", these little boxes you can geolocate with a GPS or a smartphone. Answer the different riddles and clues correctly and head for the treasure! Discover funny little characters known as Poïz's and have fun collecting their badges.  

Head off across lush green countryside on the adventure with your family or friends looking for these famous treasures which only Tèrra Aventura is capable of imagining. Have a go at the different fun-filled themes proposed! 

Railbike (Vélorail) 


One-of-a-kind exploration!  

Head off the beaten track and discover the Chauvigny region as you pedal along on strange machines set on Chauvigny's old railway tracks.  

Over the 17 km trail, you'll admire the splendid medieval town, Romanesque churches, you'll ride over bridges and viaducts and weave your way through the bocage.  

And, while you're here on these one-of-a-kind journeys, take all the time you need to discover the fauna and flora of the area. The railway line is interspersed with information panels telling you everything you need to know about the animals and the flowers. 

Electric boat trips 

bateaux electriques

Fancy a bit of cool relaxation and discoveries? 

Well then, hire an electric boat in Cenon-sur-Vienne and sail as you please along the Vienne and discover the great richness of this valley. With a maximum speed of 7 km/h, you'll have all the time you need to admire the beauty of the river and the surrounding countryside. 



The Vienne department has everything it takes to offer you wonderful treks. 

Woods and forests stretching endlessly across slightly rolling scenescapes covered with trails. Rivers and water bodies flowing galore that kayak lovers will adore.  

Whatever your level, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned sportsperson, you'll find the itinerary that suits you perfectly among our walking, horse-riding, cycling and mountain biking trails. Vienne is a land of choice for trekking and trails! Choose yours. 

The Scandiberian 

eurovélo3 scandibérique

The Scandiberian is Europe's longest bikeway. It will take you from Norway to Santiago de Compostela, passing through different European countries (Denmark, Germany, Belgium, etc.). It crosses through 23 Poitou communes from Dangé-Saint-Romain to Availles-Limouzine and occasionally runs along the Vienne. 

Cycling tourists from around the world dream of riding along this mythical bikeway. So, fancy giving it a go?  

CPA Lathus (Recreation centre) 

CPA lathus

Lathus outdoor recreation centre, located in the south of the department, along the banks of the Gartempe, proposes environment discovery activities (fishing, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, SUP, and more). 

And, if ever you fancy some thrills, the treetop adventure course invites the most intrepid among you to conquer the acrobatic circuit with its 5 height levels. While you're here, have fun playing Disc Golf with 7 or 13 baskets. 

Pinail Nature Reserve

réserve du pinail

Domain du Pinail, located on the commune of Vouneuil-sur-Vienne, is the most extensive nature reserve in the Vienne department.  

It is found to the north of Moulière Forest and is made up of heathland. Following the excavation of gritstone, over 6,000 pools have surfaced, creating an extraordinary moonscape.  

Stroll around the 2 km trail to observe the fauna and flora. You'll see butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, carnivorous plants, birds and more… the reserve hosts at least 2,700 species. A real feast for the eyes. Go for a guided tour, then when you head back home log onto the digital platform and watch some incredible videos. 

Belle Park (Parc de la Belle)

Parc de la belle

Indulge in an invitation to daydream, come along and stroll through Belle Park. Stop off in Magné! 

A brightly-coloured park, created along the banks of the River Belle, stretches over 12 hectares around a mansion house dating back to the 19th century.  

Over 20,000 varieties of plants, shrubs and a host of tree species are planted here. Why wait… come along and stroll through this incredibly-rich, dense flora. Make your dream of a fragranced, colourful walk come true as you wander through this flower-filled park. 

Children will have great fun in the various playground areas and the living wicker maze. Here, everything is in pure harmony with nature. And they'll love a trip to the farm to meet all the farm animals. And don't you just adore the highly-original accommodation on offer? Tree houses and lodges on stilts… 

Cable water-skiing

téléski nautique moncontour

A really out-of-the-ordinary activity!  

Have a go at cable water-skiing, the only one of its kind in the region, here at the Moncontour water sport and leisure base, in Vienne. Cable water-skiing is eco-friendly and uses electric energy to pull the skier along. 

Totally safe water sport art and thrills: be pulled along on a wakeboard or water-skis or even try your hand at sitting on a kneeboard using a circular cable. Pleasure and fun times are the order of the day. 

The base also proposes other related activities such as SUP hire, as well as refreshments and snacks in the bar. Whether you're a novice, an experienced sportsperson or a fan of water sports and leisure... you'll find your heart's delight here at the base! 

A jaunt on an electric scooter

trottinette électrique

Electric scooters in La Roche-Posay, or when fun times go hand-in-hand with eco-friendliness.  

Off-roader vamped-up scooters with fat wheels and a high-performance battery, an invitation to ride ever-so easily around a large area. They're really easy to handle and can be steered by anyone. Be totally up-to-the-minute and glide around La Roche-Posay countryside discovering nature trails! 


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