6 immersive adventures with the family

You've triggered “IMMERSION” mode and you're in for a wonderful time!  

Fancy an out-of-the-ordinary getaway? Here's a selection of activities that will whisk you off to another realm, to delight in great thrills and fun-filled times!  

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planète crocodiles

TERRE DE DRAGONS (DRAGON KINGDOM): Wild encounters with reptiles and dragons 


Enter the captivating world of reptiles and its tropical oasis set under the botanical dome of Terre de Dragons (Dragon Kingdom) in Civaux! A real getaway adventure deep in the jungle where you have to try and find the renowned scientist, Professor Sheppard, who was on a quest to unravel all the mysteries of some strange creatures: dragons. Did they really exist? Well, it's up to you to help him prove they did!  

bain de forêt en famille

FOREST BONDING: an intense connection with nature  

Immerse yourself in Moulière Forest, give in to its call and connect with nature! A real breath of fresh air where you'll feel the power of these unspoilt natural surroundings. A vital getaway for you and your family to forge links with the environment and to delight in a restful experience. Spark your senses and pay attention to smells, colours as well as sounds.  

La Fermothèque

LA FERMOTHEQUE (FARM IMMERSION): Discovering rural activities and how a farm is run 


Get away from the hustle & bustle of city life and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the countryside! Experience slow tourism by taking pleasure in little daily-life moments with the family. This one-of-a-kind break at the Fermothèque (Farm immersion) in Lathus-Saint-Rémy invites you to discover how a farm is run as well as its agricultural activities. On the agenda: getting up close to the animals, helping out with the everyday tasks, fun-filled learning workshops, and relaxing at farm-pace.  

le cormenier

LE CORMENIER: Take a journey back through Poitevin time 


Head back to the 20th century for a trip through the rural lifestyle of Pierre and his family, real Poitevin locals, in Champniers in the Civraisien region. A 100% immersive atmosphere with scenes from yesteryear, smells, sounds and larger-than-life automatons to help conjure up bygone days and memories. Curious kids will discover a fun-filled learning space, will take part in various mini activities and will be able to touch and play with vintage objects.  

Château de Ternay

CASTLE OF TERNAY: Discover the identity of a strange knight  


Be whisked back through time to the era of knights at the Castle of Ternay in the north of the department. Here, you'll discover the coats-of-arms of the times and you'll help a mysterious knight who seems to have lost his memory....  

abbaye de la réau drone

DE LA REAU ROYAL ABBEY: Defend the de la Réau Royal Abbey from its enemies!  


Dive into the life of 14th-century monks in the de la Réau Royal Abbey. Dress up in period clothing and discover their daily activities and community life. Careful though, enemy troops are on your doorstep! Help the monks defend this jewel of Poitevin heritage. 

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