5 activities to explore with the family

You've triggered “EXPLORATION” mode and you're in for a wonderful time!  

For those of you who love family adventures, head off and discover Vienne and its secrets. Take to the rails, venture along hidden tracks accompanied by animals or go and rescue heritage, let your curiosity and mind run free with the following experiences!  

Expériences famille Exploration
vélorail de chauvigny

CHAUVIGNY RAILBIKE (VELORAIL): Pedal along the old railway track 


A 17 km tour on the outskirts of Chauvigny invites you to join in! Get on-board your jigger on the old railway track, enjoy a rather sporty experience and discover the medieval panorama and incredible bocage at your own pace.  

Balade à cheval gourmande

TREK ON HORSEBACK: A gourmet ride in great company 

Become a rider for a day! Gallop along the tracks in the south of Vienne with your faithful friend and delight in just being together with your horse in unspoilt natural surroundings. After the effort comes comfort, as the activity finishes off with a little gourmet break to enjoy sweet and savoury specialities.  

balade enfant parent âne

LA BELLE ÂNEE (DONKEY TREKKING): A trusting relationship between animals and people  


Fancy a bit of authenticity and a bucolic getaway? Well then, head off with your little long-eared companion and explore the region around Jazeneuil and the Vonne Valley, at donkey pace. A relaxing, fun-filled experience guaranteed!  

Défiplanet le parc

DEFI’PLANET: On a quest for the white diamond to save the sprites and leprechauns!  


The sprites and leprechauns need your help! The white diamond's been stolen and our planet's in danger. Are you going to be the hero/heroine of this quest set in the heart of Dienné theme park? Finish off your epic day with well deserved rest in one of the estate's incredible dwellings.  

enquête qui a volé un Rossignol ?

MONTMORILLON ECOMUSEUM: One of Rossignol's printed educational posters has been stolen! 


Montmorillon Ecomuseum needs your family's help! A Rossignol's been stolen, an educational poster printed by Editions Rossignol publishing house, the famous local printer. Put on your detective’s cap to find out together who the thief is and find the precious treasure!  

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