3 creative activities: it's me that's making it!

You've triggered “CREATION” mode and you're in for a wonderful time!  

For all budding little inventors and creators out there who wish to express their artistic talents, these activities are a definite must! Forget all your screens and enjoy a recreational manual activity where you'll discover traditional craftsmanship that needs to be preserved. 

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Musée de civaux

CIVAUX MUSEUM: A creative treasure hunt blending archaeology and heritage


A fun-filled, in-depth visit into Civaux's heritage to find a treasure: the 6 golden calves. Use your roadmap, solve riddles and clues and enjoy the artistic activities proposed with the family, like prehistoric painting as well as modelling with clay. Once you've completed all these stages successfully, you'll be hot on the heels of the loot!  

cité des tanneurs

CITÉ DES TANNEURS (TANNERS' DISTRICT): Vegetable leather workshops using traditional methods  

Unlock all the secrets of leather with the Kiddi Cuir (Kiddi Leather) activity proposed by the Cité des Tanneurs (Tanners' District) in Boivre-la-Vallée. Head off on a real journey of discovery into the art of tanning, a mix between ancestral methods and latest-generation techniques. Finish off your visit by creating your own vegetable leather souvenir decorated with patterns and your family's initials!  

musée du vitrail atelier

STAINED GLASS MUSEUM (MUSÉE DU VITRAIL): A brightly-coloured creation  


Oh what incredible stained glass, tell me who's the best in putting little fragments of coloured glass together! Now the puzzle's completed, your turn to make your own stained glass souvenir! The Stained Glass Museum (Musée du Vitrail) in Curzay-sur-Vonne initiates you during a "bonded glass" workshop where you'll create your own stained glass souvenir using a model on a glass plate and little fragments of coloured glass. A visit to the extension of Saint-Martin Church is a must to learn all the different manufacturing techniques and all about this ancestral art.  

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